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12 Months Developmental Milestones

Your baby might be...

  • Starting crawling using arms and legs 

  • Throwing toys and turning pages

  • Starting to move more and more every day maybe even resting on furniture

  • Shaking head to say "no"

  • Wanting to do so much more on their own

  • Maybe saying a few words or new sounds

  • Imitating other words and sounds

  • Starting to have favorite toys and foods


  • Give your child room to roam, and if they try and stand hold out some fingers to help them balance.

  • Support your child if they try and climb stairs or other objects; they need time to improve these skills with safety!

  • Choose books to read to them that they are interested in.

  • List things in their environment like the car, chair, or bus and what they do: the red car is driving down the street.

  • Play games that include directions like throw me the blue ball.

  • Let them choose what toys you’ll play with together and allow them to lead play.

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your baby? Check out these websites:

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