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6 Months Developmental Milestones

Your baby might be...

  • Strengthening relationships and getting familiar with people

  • Recognizing themselves in the mirror 

  • Laughing, making new noises, babbling

  • Putting things in their mouth to explore them

  • Reach and grab for toys they want

  • Closing their mouth or moving their head away to indicate they don’t want something such as food

  • Rolling over, pushing up with arms, leaning on hands when starting to sit up


  • Playing games like peekaboo

  • Continue doing tummy time to strengthen their head, neck, and upper body muscles

  • Encourage independent play on a play mat with toys they like

  • Continue talking, singing, and playing with your baby

  • Singing, clapping, reading, bouncing, making bubbles and new noises, etc

  • Talk back and forth with your baby

  • Point out new things to your baby and start naming them

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your baby? Check out these websites:,baby%20helps%20enhance%20their%20development.

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