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Image by Margaret Weir

4 Year Old Developmental Milestones

Your child might be...

  • Playing make-believe and using their imagination.

  • Singing songs from memory such as "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

  • Naming colors, numbers and animals

  • Using hand-eye coordination to complete simple puzzles or color inside the lines

  • Experiencing a broad range of emotions, and learning how to control these emotions

  • Asking adults plenty of questions

  • Learning how to "take turns" and share


  • Play make believe together. Let your child take the lead and follow their imagination!

  • Practice hand-eye coordination with catching and throwing games. You can use rolled up socks as a ball and a laundry basket as a net.

  • Let your child help with cooking. Simple requests like "grab the broccoli from the fridge" or "help me was the potatoes" can build confidence and increase vocabulary.

  • Make up a story with your child. Start with characters and a simple plot, like "a dog and a cat went to the beach", and take turns adding sentences to the story. 

  • Use words like "first", "second", and "finally" when you talk about daily activities. This can help your child follow directions by learning about the order of events. 

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your child? Check out these websites:

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