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15 Months Developmental Milestones

​Your baby might be...

  • Throwing things like food and toys! You baby might love to watch someone grab them and bring them back

  • Understanding and showing more emotion

  • Using words to understand the world

  • Throwing tantrums when upset or tired

  • Starting to be more imaginative and using imagination in play

  • Enjoying problem solving, and getting better at it every day!

  • Choosing a favorite toy and a favorite place to play


  • Getting your baby to use their hands and fingers is high activity. Try letting them scribble with crayons or play with a string instrument.

  • Babies at this age love to climb: You can build a safe obstacle course for them to crawl over.

  • Asking your baby questions: Asking them what they would like to eat, or where they would like to go helps expand their vocabulary and gain independence.

  • Singing at this age can also be amazing, sing songs with your baby, or even create your rhythms together.

  • Continue to read along: Read books that talk about feelings and show experiences your baby has had like playing.

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your baby? Check out these websites:

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