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Image by Margaret Weir

5 Year Old Developmental Milestones

Your child might be...

  • Recognizing colors

  • Understanding directions like “next to”, “over”, “under”

  • Reminiscing about their day

  • Remembering things like a phone number or the first and last names of their parents

  • Recognizing rhymes like “cat” and “hat”

  • Getting more coordinated with their movements, and gaining better hand-eye coordination

  • Throwing and catching small balls, running, jumping, or skipping 

  • Establishing their hand dominance (right or left handed) 


  • Act out your child’s favorite storybook together. Let your child take the lead and follow their imagination!

  • Have a family dance party!

  • Practice hand-eye coordination with catching and throwing games. You can use rolled up socks as a ball and a laundry basket as a net.

  • Take turns spelling your names with fun colors.

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your child? Check out these websites:

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