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18 Months Developmental Milestones

​Your baby might be...

  • Starting to sit with or without support 

  • Clapping their hands

  • Understanding more and more words

  • Looking around the room

  • Creeping and crawling around on the floor

  • Loving repetition 

  • Starting to use a pincer grasp (thumb and pointer finger) to pick up food

  • Growing quickly and having a big growth spurt


  • Name the things your baby looks at. Tell them what you’re doing or what’s happening in the world around them: It’s time for bed, it’s time to be feed.  Activities like these help build vocabulary and routine.

  • Read to your baby 

  • Give your baby time to crawl and practice new movements: maybe make a trail of toys for your baby can work towards and investigate.

  • Help them with play: playing hide and seek or helping to stack blocks can work on developing your babies’ skills.

  • Let your baby explore their sense: touching ice cubes, crinkling leaves, shaking a container of rice. These activities involve touch and sound and are great for a young baby.

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your baby? Check out these websites:

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