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Image by Margaret Weir

 8 Year Old Developmental Milestones

Your child might be...

  • Learning different ways of describing their  experiences and feelings

  • Engaging in more complex counting, such as counting by 2s or 5s

  • Learning to tie their shoes on their own

  • Writing more complex sentences.

  • Able to identify days of the week or months in order.

  • Able to place themselves in another person's shoes and begin to understand how others feel in a given situation. 

  • Getting more involved in after school activities such as sports, clubs, etc. 


  • Create origami figures with your child. 

  • Engage in outdoor gardening with your child.

  • Write stories together to help develop your child's writing abilities. 

  • Create fun games together, that is, work with your child to make up the rules of games together.

Looking for more fun ideas for you and your child? Check out these websites:

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