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3 Year Old Developmental Milestones

Your toddler might be...

  • Following simple instructions

  • Dressing or undressing on their own

  • Getting upset with big changes in their routine

  • Playing make-believe

  • Turning handles or unscrewing caps and lids

  • Naming familiar people or things

  • Climbing and running

  • Using words like "we", "you", "I" and "me"

  • Using 2 to 3 sentences in a conversation


  • Color with your child. Draw lines and shapes with them.

  • Play counting games with your child. Count thins that they see or use frequently.

  • Read to your child. Encourage them to identify colors, numbers and letters as you read!

  • Talk about emotions to help your child identify their feelings. For example, "I can see that you're feeling made because you threw your blocks on the ground."

  • Give your child simple instructions with 2-3 steps, such as, "Put away your toys and go get your shoes."

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